Case Studies

Footwear Supply Company

When we were approached by a brand-new footwear supply company, we were able to use our existing experience in this market to assist them straight away. By putting together a Windows-based network running Exchange Server, SQL Server and Sharepoint along with a number of custom-developed systems, we were able to get them up and running very quickly. When they moved offices, we managed the project and ensured that there was no down time. Although BT would not allow them to port their number to the new site, we provided them with a 50 user hosted PBX running over our ASDL lines, which minimised impact for their customer base. We also manage the IT in their overseas offices, using our innovative monitoring solutions. Microsoft Terminal Server allows teleworkers and travelling staff to work from wherever they are. When the severe winter weather prevented their staff from driving to work, in addition to staff being able to work remotely, we were able to set up VoIP solutions which allowed them to carry on speaking to their clients with no interruption at all. Thanks to a comprehensive support contract, the client was able to outsource all help-desk functions too. When the client started to received lots of spam and viruses, we were able to implement Solutios MailSafe, along with Solutios DataSafe to back up all information securely off-site each night. Due to the nature of the business, when staff left the company, it was necessary to keep their emails indefinitely, but this was using up valuable disk space, but Solutios MessageBunker enabled them to have a searchable archive available at all times, without having to worry about their servers filling up. As the customer has a number of domain names, they rely on Solutios Managed DNS to look after them. When the client recently had to start sending a lot more faxes, they came to us an now use Solutios Fax for all of their inbound and outbound faxing.

Musical Instrument Company

When a well-known company wanted to open a UK office, they turned to Solutios for help. Although they had an overseas IT support team, due to time differences, they found that this made it very difficult for them to have problems resolved quickly. Solutios provided them with a hosted PBX for their office, running over Solutios ADSL lines which has proved to be invaluable for keeping in touch with their clients. Voicemail to text has allowed their staff to remain in contact, even when they are not in the office. By providing local IT-support to the client, it has allowed them to be able to resolve major issues much more quickly, resulting in happier customers.

Nationwide Recruitment Company

Thanks for our choice of over 5 million numbers, when a UK-wide recruitment company wanted to roll out Fax to Email and Email to Fax for all of their offices, Solutios was the natural choice. Our service was so good, that they then decommissioned the hardware servicing their head office and ported their numbers over to Solutios so that we could provide the same functionality for them at a fraction of the cost and with many more features than their old system provided.

Trade Association

Our ability to supply a “one stop solution” was a great bonus for a trade association who needed to ensure that they were able to communicate with their members at all times, using an array of methods. We were able to consolidate their existing network in to a much simpler VMware based solution, which integrated Exchange Server, SQL Server and a custom database which we developed in-house for them. When their website was attacked, Solutios was able to develop a highly resilient hosting solution which encompassed firewalls and intrusion detection systems along with highly sophisticated monitoring and failover solutions. Their custom-developed applications are hosted using Solutios CoLocation along with Solutios Web Hosting. We provide asset management and ensure that the client is kept abreast of all new developments and recently rolled out iPhones to all of the companies staff which enables them to stay in contact wherever they may be. Internet connectivity is provided over a pair of Solutios ADSL lines which, in the event of a problem, automatically fail over so that the client can carry on working and servicing its members, until the fault is resolved. To ensure that the client only receives genuine emails, Solutios MailSafe is used to filter out spam and viruses and all servers are backed up each night using Solutios DataSafe. All of the organisations domain names are handled by Solutios Managed DNS, which means they don’t have to worry about remembering when they need to be renewed.

Decorating & Building Company

In the middle of the night, our MD received a frantic call from the owner of a small business who, when speaking to a major high-street computer supplier, had inadvertently wiped out her whole PC along with all of her customer information, project details and financial records. Working through to the morning, we were able to recover all of the information for her and we then met up to plan the way ahead. Starting with a blank piece of paper, we worked out where the company was and where they wanted to get to, then proceeded to set up a hosted PBX along with Solutios ADSL lines connecting the two members of staff together. As the company grew, Solutios provided Hosted Exchange with push email, Faxing, Terminal Server access to their central accounts, SharePoint for managing their files, Solutios MailSafe to keep out any nasty viruses and spam and of course Solutios DataSafe to ensure that all information was backed up and the company could never be in the same situation as they were when they first contacted us. All of this was covered by a monthly support contract, which provided fixed costs to allow the business to grow rapidly. As the company opened new offices around the UK, we supplied local numbers, which were all answered by the head office in London and when the business went international, we were able to provide VoIP phones for the new locations too. All of these services allowed the business owner to grow her venture, safe in the knowledge that she didn’t have to invest in an IT infrastructure of her own and that any additional staff could be added for a fixed monthly cost, which helped budgeting tremendously.


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