Solutios MailSafe (AntiSpam & AntiVirus)


Sick of receiving hundreds of junk emails each day? Worried that you are missing important messages?

Solutios MailSafe provides military-grade antivirus and antispam filtering for all of your incoming messages.

For any business, wasted time equals wasted money, so you don’t want to have to spend an hour each morning going through your emails to pick out the real ones from the junk. That’s why we have developed Solutios MailSafe, an integrated solution which combines antivirus, antispam and messaging queueing in case your email server ever goes offline.

When an email comes in, it is scanned for viruses by our array of virus scanners. Each message is tested for virus signatures from a database that is updated every 15 minutes, 24/7. We even check inside compressed files. Any detected virus is removed if possible and sent with an alert notification to the recipient.

Once we are happy that there are no viruses in your email, it passes through our array of anti-spam filtering servers. Each email is subjected to a series of tests mainly focussing on it’s passage through the Internet, as well as text content. Each test gives a score. The scores are totalled and if the total is above a set threshold, the message is deemed ‘spam’ and subjected to your choice of handling rules. The message can be quarantined or forwarded with a modified subject or message header, or if you use Microsoft Exchange we can tell Exchange to handle this for you and put it in your Junk Mail folder. All of the above is generally completed within 5 seconds, so you won’t have to worry about any delays. We constantly monitor the speed at which emails pass through, so we can add capacity well in advance.

If we are confident that the email is not spam, then we try to deliver it to your email server. If for any reason we can’t, e.g. your ADSL line is down or you are rebooting your server, we don’t just return it to the sender with an undeliverable report, but instead hold it on our systems indefinitely. So if you have a problem with your email server, you can log in to our MailSafe webmail site to view any new emails and reply to them. This means it is business as normal and your customers are none the wiser. When your email server comes back online, our intelligent systems detect this and automatically deliver all the emails they were holding for you. It sounds simple, but it’s very powerful, especially if there’s a major problem and your email server is offline for days, e.g. due to flooding or fire.

To ensure that legitimate emails pass through unhindered, we have developed an intelligent auto-whitelisting system. When we set up Solutios MailSafe, we tell your email server to send all messages out via our gateways. Whenever we see an email pass through, we make a note of who sent it and who it was addressed to. Our systems then learn that you are happy to receive emails from this person and we make sure that all future emails coming from them are automatically passed through to you without any chance of them being marked as spam.

When evaluating an email filtering solution, be wary of ‘guarantees’ that you’ll no longer receive spam. There is no hard and fast way of detecting a message as being spam, only levels of probability. One person’s spam is another’s fantastic offer. We concentrate on emails that have taken measures to hide their origin rather than actual content. We can’t promise that you’ll never receive another annoying email, but it will be a very rare occurrence.

If we manage your servers and DNS, we can usually set it up the same day.

The only way your staff will know that something has changed, is because they receive a lot less junk mail and viruses.

If your staff just spent 10 minutes per day checking for real messages in their junk mail, how much would that cost your business?

We know about a new virus within 15 minutes of it being discovered. You will notice a marked reduction in spam from day one.
Once you have emailed someone, their emails will never be marked as spam.

Solutios MailSafe has been designed to work with all SMTP email servers, but is optimised for Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra

All of the checks which MailSafe does will typically only add around 5 seconds to the time it takes for an email to get to you.

We charge a set price per user, per month, regardless of how many email addresses they have. We don’t charge for aliases, e.g. info@ sales@ support@ etc.

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