Email Archiving


Ever lost an important email and wished you could get it back easily?

Solutios MessageBunker backs up every single email you send and receive – for ever.

Email is the life-blood of any business so it’s imperative that your email is backed up in a safe place – not only to meet legal compliance, but also for your own sanity. Solutios MessageBunker provides a simple, secure, email archiving and discovery platform which compliments Solutios Online Backup and Solutios MailSafe.

As email attachments get larger, mail servers begin to struggle to handle the physical volume of messages. You can use Solutios MessageBunker to archive off email accounts of staff who’ve left your business, freeing up valuable storage space on your email server.

As everything runs in our datacentre, there are no boxes or software to buy and maintain. Because it’s web-based you can access it wherever you have Internet connection – making it the ideal disaster recovery platform and a perfect partner to Solutios MailSafe.

If you need to find a particular email or attachment you can search for almost all files including: .doc,.docx, .xls, .xlsx, .odt, .txt, .rtf, .html, .pdf , .zip, .pps, .ppt, .pptx, .xlr, .pages, .numbers, .dot and all text based formats such as .txt and .php.

Want to see how your inbox looked at any point in time since archiving began? You can using Time Travel. View the results in our webmail interface and download the entire package as a zip file if required.

If you need to recover a deleted email, you can download it direct to your machine, either as individual emails, a compressed single file or have them restored directly back into your original mailbox, just as if nothing ever happened.

Solutios MessageBunker silently duplicates and stores every email you send and receive in our secure data facilities. It logs into your account on a regular schedule and works with any IMAP or POP3 server. It keeps your email regardless of whether it is deleted locally.

As Solutios MessageBunker is a ‘cloud’ service, there is no software client to install or hardware to add to your network. All we require is that our servers can access the email server that stores your messages. We’ll provide information on how to do this securely and can set everything up for you remotely.

Our staff can normally set up Solutios MessageBunker the same day.

As Solutios MessageBunker operates silently, your staff will never know that their emails are being archived

Sleep soundly at night knowing that every email sent and received by your staff will be securely backed up in our datacentre

If your email server should be inaccessible for any reason, you can use Solutios MessageBunker to access archived emails and Solutios MailSafe to access and reply to new ones.

We charge a set price per user, per month, regardless of how many emails they have, so your bills won’t creep up each month.
Find any email quickly and easily, using our intuitive web interface

If you’ve accidentally deleted an email, you can restore it back to your mailbox with a few clicks.

As Solutios MessageBunker runs ‘in the cloud’, there’s nothing to install or update.

See how your inbox looked at any point in time, using Time Travel.

Solutios MessageBunker has been designed to work with all POP3 & IMAP servers, but is optimised for Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra

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