Hosted Exchange


Do you need all of the features of Exchange Server for your business, but don’t want to have to buy and run your own hardware?

Solutios Hosted Exchange provides email, calendaring and contacts for all sizes of UK businesses, from sole traders to nationwide companies

Solutios Hosted Exchange is a secure business-class email messaging and collaboration service designed to make it possible for you and your employees to work anywhere, at anytime. It provides powerful yet easy to use webmail, shared contacts and calendars. By adding Solutios MailSafe and MessageBunker, your emails can be automatically scanned for viruses and spam, and then backed up in our secure datacentre.

Microsoft Outlook, part of Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac work perfectly with Hosted Exchange and you can also use Webmail to access your information from any computer. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry or many other phones, you can use push-email to automatically receive messages as soon as they are sent to you. Your calendar and contacts are automatically synchronised too, so you have one less thing to worry about if you ever lose your phone.

Our staff can normally set up your Hosted Exchange the same day.

Using a simple yet powerful web interface.

Full integration with Outlook for Windows and Mac

If you have an iPhone, iPad or another modern smartphone, you can most probably use it with Hosted Exchange.
We charge a low monthly price for each user’s account and for the amount of storage they need.

Keep your mailbox free of viruses and spam.

Automatically archive and backup your emails for compliance or peace of mind.

As Solutios Hosted Exchange runs ‘in the cloud’, there’s nothing to install or update.

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