Business Broadband


Our business-grade super-fast managed Internet services provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity and voice prioritisation, perfect for use with our Hosted Business Phone System and Hosted Desktop solutions.

Constant quality monitoring ensures you get the performance and reliability you need to run your business.

Designed purely for the needs of UK businesses, with a direct connection in to the Solutios VoIP network, our Internet access solutions are perfect for single users right through to large offices and multiple sites. Using a wide range of technologies including ADSL, FTTC and Fibre Ethernet, we are able to provide UK-wide coverage up to 1Gbps. For clients based in Central London, our Fixed Wireless service can be provisioned in a matter of days, much quicker than any ADSL or Ethernet solution. If you would also like to use Fibre Ethernet, our Fixed Wireless service can run in parallel providing a high-availability, diversely-routed resilient solution.

Our systems constantly monitor the quality of your line, every 6 seconds, day and night.  If there is an issue, our intelligent systems start working on the issue immediately, whilst also alerting our support team.

We supply a fully-managed router, allowing us to provide remote management and diagnostics. This means less site visits and faster fault resolution.

We can supply diversely-routed connectivity to provide even higher resilience. If there’s a problem, the other services can automatically take over. Our monitoring systems will notify us and start fault-finding, but most importantly, your internet access, telephone calls and other servces will carry on as if nothing had happened.
Now that legacy IPv4 addresses are running out, more and more sites will start to become IPv6 only. When this happens, if your ISP doesn’t support IPv6, you may only be able to access the “old” Internet. Solutios provides both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, so you will be able to access the Internet as a whole.

When you call our tech support team, you are speaking directly to our UK engineers who manage the network. You won’t be taken through pages of scripts, but will speak to people who understand how important it is to get you back online.

Every part of our network is designed with voice calls in mind. We don’t restrict download speeds, however we do prioritise VoIP so you know that your calls will always be crystal clear.

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