Application Hosting


Need access a certain application from anywhere, e.g. Sage Accounts, QuickBooks or your order system?

Solutios can provide secure remote access from any computer. Why not do your VAT return on the beach?

With the advent of email, many businesses have no requirement for a head office any more, but unfortunately a lot of companies still need to have a centralised order management or accounts system. Whilst there are web versions of some of these, a lot of the functionality is lost. It’s possible to run many of them on a laptop, but if you have more than one person who needs to access the system, then you are stuck. What happens if that laptop gets dropped or stolen? You could potentially lose all of your customer information and your accounts. Fancy explaining that to HMRC?

Using Microsoft Terminal Server, Solutios can provide you with a Virtual Server running Windows, which can be accessed from any computers you nominate in the world, using freely available software for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and practically any other system you can think of (it just needs an RDP client in techie speak). You can even print out reports on the printer attached to your PC.

Once your server is set up, you can provide us with a list of staff who you would like to be able to access it and we can set up usernames and passwords for you. If anyone leaves, just let us know and we can revoke their access immediately. Our team of experts have helped many UK businesses to set up their accounts, ordering, payroll, project management and more using Terminal Server. Many of them now even ask us to give their accountants and book keepers access in to their server, as it means that they can outsource a lot of the day-to-day work to them.

Using Solutios Online Backup, your data can be backed up automatically as often as you would like. No more searching for tapes or memory keys if you need to find an old transaction which you deleted.

Just let us know what you want to do, e.g. have my accounts accessible by three staff. We take care of it from there.

Want to check your profit and loss from Bondai Beach? That’s not a problem.

You control who can access the server and we can revoke access at any time.
From your home PC, to your iPad, you can access your systems easily and securely

Solutios can handle all of the upgrades for you, just let us know when you receive an update CD and we can do the rest.

As your business grows, you can concentrate on the getting new clients whilst we make sure your systems work.

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