Sharepoint Hosting


Need to share your documents securely with staff, suppliers or clients? Tired of emailing spreadsheets and Word documents around?

Microsoft Sharepoint Server from Solutios will let you place all of your key business information in a safe place, with easy access from anywhere.

Most small businesses have key documents which all staff need to have access to. Whether you have a central server or not, this can be a real pain. Sometimes people delete information by mistake. Do you wish you had a central diary and contacts which your staff could update from their own computer? All of these problems and more can be solved using Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.

Your team can coordinate their efforts using shared calendars, e-mail alerts and notifications. We can help you to set up wikis, blogs, and surveys. You can even invite customers and suppliers to access certain parts of your site securely.

Isn’t it a pain when you know that you have a document which mentions the tender for Bloggs & Co, but you can’t find it? Sharepoint allows you to search all of your information at once including Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheet and more. Best of all, because it’s designed by Microsoft, it works flawlessly with Office for Windows and Mac.

Using Solutios Online Backup, your data can be backed up automatically as often as you would like, so no more lost information the night before a meeting.

We can work with you to identify which files you want to share e.g. have my quotes accessible by four staff, then we can do the rest.

Securely access your documents anywhere, anytime whether it’s the train to London or the airport lounge.

Photos, phone numbers, travel info, meeting agendas and more can be shared without phone calls or emails.

Set up alerts, whittle down your to-do list and share calendars with the ease and familiarity of Microsoft Office.

Meet deadlines, assign tasks and centralise discussions for multiple projects in a secure online portal.
Want to see check your central diary when on holiday? That’s not a problem.

You control who can access the system and we can revoke access at any time.

From your home PC, to your iPad, you can access your systems easily and securely

Solutios handles all of the updates automatically, so you always get the latest version for no extra cost

As your business grows, you can concentrate on the getting new clients whilst we make sure your systems work.

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