Virtual Servers


Need the performance and flexibility of your own dedicated server, but without the expense and maintenance?

Choose your operating system, memory and disk requirements and upgrade at any time. Same day setup available.

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your web host, but don’t want to have to buy your own server and pay for rackspace, maintenance contracts, electricity usage? If so, then a Solutios Virtual Server is for you. We can install any flavour of Linux or Windows and then provide you with a root login to allow you to customise the server to your exacting requirements. You can choose how much disk space, memory and CPU speed you want and then if you need more we can easily allocate more within minutes, without you having to do anything. No hardware to order, no compatibility issues to worry about, no engineer to send to the datacentre.

Of course, you don’t have to run a website, you might need a MySQL database server, or perhaps you want to set up and run your very own VoIP server or file servers? That’s completely up to you (as long as it’s legal!). Our monitoring systems can keep an eye on whatever you are running, so that you won’t have any nasty surprises.

Are your office servers getting too old? Migrate them to Solutios Virtual Servers and use the Solutios Business ADSL service to provide secure access from your head office and any branch offices. If you are a small business and don’t want to be tied to a physical office, once again we could set up a Solutios Virtual Server for you so that you can work anywhere from the train to the beach with a 3G card.

By using a Solutios Virtual Server, you get all of the benefits of our CoLocation solution, but at a fraction of the price. You will be running on the latest Dell servers with 24x7x365 4 hour warranties and will be connected to our high-performance, low-latency, resilient network. We believe that for 95% of all customers, a Solutios Virtual Server is the best option.

We only use Dell PowerEdge servers with 24x7x365 4 hour support contracts. They are reliable, powerful and if things do go wrong, Dell always send an engineer out very quickly.

If you need it in a hurry, we can usually set your Solutios Virtual Server up the same day you order it, saving days or even weeks on normal server lead times.

It’s your server, so we believe you should have full control of it. For Linux this means you get to set the root password yourself or for Windows, the Administrator password.

By using the N+1 principle, if any of our core network was to fail, our network can self-heal within milliseconds without any interruption in service to you or your customers.

We only use Cisco equipment for our routers, switches and firewalls as we think they are the best. All equipment has Cisco support contracts with 4 hour replacement.
If you suddenly require more processing power, memory or hard disk space, we can allocate it for you immediately. Just call us or raise a support ticket.

Your virtual server is completely isolated from other virtual machines. Only you can access it and the data contained on it (so don’t forget your password!).

Rather than relying on Windows or Linux firewalls, we can provide a fully managed firewall solution to ensure that your servers are secure. 

Whether you need a Central London location for your Virtual Server or a disaster recovery site outside the M25, we can provide a solution with automatic failover if required.

As a RIPE Local Internet Registrar (LIR) we can provide you with as many IPv6 or IPv4 addresses as you need, quickly and efficiently. We can even help with the paperwork.

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