Web Hosting


Your website is the first thing that potential customers see when they “Google” you. Let Solutios make sure it’s fast and always available.

Need Windows, Linux or Mac hosting? IPv6 and IPv4? MySQL? PHP? We can provide and support all of them.

There’s no point having a beautifully designed website if it’s slow. How many times have you given up trying to find information because you run out of patience? Solutios has been providing web hosting to UK companies for over 16 years and our clients range from sole traders to nationwide companies and worldwide corporations. They all know that they can trust us to keep them online and available for when their clients need them, wherever they may be.

Whether you’re a Mac or a PC, we can provide hosting for you on Linux, Windows or Mac OS. If you have a web developer, they may have a preference. Our technical team can work with them to make sure that everything works correctly and that your website launch or migration to us goes smoothly with no problems. If you need a database for your website, we provide SQL Server or MySQL as standard, but can work with you to provide a custom solution too.

All of our servers are Dell PowerEdge machines with plenty of fast disks, loads of processors and gigabytes of RAM, so you can be sure that your site will really fly. We can offer monitoring of your site to ensure that it’s always available and that you, your developers or our technical team are notified if there are any issues. Solutios Online Backup can take regular snapshots of your servers, so that if you need to roll back to an earlier version, we can do this quickly and easily for you.

Google has recently started ranking web sites based upon how quickly they can be accessed! This is one very compelling reason to use Solutios Web Hosting as well as Solutios Managed DNS.

If you have a specific requirement, we can provide you with a Solutios Virtual Server or you can CoLocate your own server in our secure datacentres.

Whether you need Windows, Linux or Mac OS, we can provide a solution for you.

We only use Dell PowerEdge servers with 24x7x365 4 hour support contracts. They are reliable, powerful and if things do go wrong, Dell always send an engineer out very quickly.

Your website can be hosted in Central London, outside the M25 or both with automatic failover if required.

We can normally set your website up on the same day that you request it. Handy if you want to move away from your current host in a hurry.

As a RIPE Local Internet Registrar (LIR) we can provide you with as many IPv6 or IPv4 addresses as you need, quickly and efficiently. We can even help with the paperwork.
As your business grows, you can concentrate on the important things and not worry about your web site. You’ve got enough to do already haven’t you?

By using the N+1 principle, if any of our core network was to fail, our network can self-heal within milliseconds without any interruption in service to you or your customers.

We only use Cisco equipment for our routers, switches and firewalls as we think they are the best. All equipment has Cisco support contracts with 4 hour replacement.

If your requirements suddenly change, we can help, just call us or open a ticket.

Rather than relying on Windows or Linux firewalls, we can provide a fully managed firewall solution to ensure that your website is secure.

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