Asset Management


Do you have too many machines? Can’t recall when you bought them or when they need replacing?

Let Solutios keep track of all your purchases and we can take away the worry of expired warranties.

When you’re running a business, it’s very easy to forget how old your PCs, servers and printers are. Sometimes you only find out when you try to log a support call with the manufacturer and they tell you that your machine is too old.

Whenever you purchase a new computer or peripheral from Solutios, the details are recorded in our database automatically. If you want us to provide you with quarterly updates, we can send over a colour coded report showing when your machines are going out of warranty.

No need to keep a list of your machines every time you buy a new one.

Just ask and we can send over your latest report.
If a machine is down and you can’t get it fixed as it’s out of warranty, you have a member of staff who can’t work.

When you are planning your next year’s budget, just look at your report and you can see what you need to replace.


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