Security Audit


How secure is your network and website? Have you ever been hacked? If not have you just been lucky… so far?

Our team of security experts can work with you to identify potential security risks in your systems through outdated software, ineffective firewalls and mis-configured servers.

Almost every day there is a report of a new high-profile web site being hacked. The target usually is sensitive corporate information that can be misused to affect a company’s reputation and finances or sensitive customer information. Creating a web site is relatively simple these days, with many off-the-shelf packages available, but very few of these will give you a secure website. Many web developers are not security experts and as such, your pretty website may in fact be an open invitation for hackers to try to break in to.

Most hackers are using web applications such as login pages, shopping baskets and contact forms – which are online at all hours, every day of the week – to access the back-end databases of many organisations. Bad programming and lack of security audits is to be blamed for this escalating problem. This situation only highlights the importance of performing a regular security audit to ensure that data such as credit card details and personal information from customers and employees is safe.

Our team of security experts have worked with many companies, large and small, to identify flawed software packages which have known security weaknesses in them. They have a wide-ranging knowledge of network security in general and have developed many tools which can help find potential issues including cross-site scripting, SQL injection and many other web vulnerabilities.

Once our team has identified any security holes, they will work with you to patch them and will make recommendations on any further work which should be carried out. Our firewall of choice is the Cisco ASA 5500 series which we use ourselves and this, combined with the Cisco intrusion detection system can help to make your website and your network a safer place for you and your customers.

Our team will work very closely with you and will only carry out tests which you are happy with. We will NEVER do anything without your written authorisation.

Find out NOW if you have a problem!

Nothing to download, nothing to install.

All results will only ever be shared with you.
Our test systems are updated on a regular basis.

No disruption of services to visitors.

We scan for thousands of problems.

Our team have been working in the IT security industry for many years.

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