IT Support Contract


Do you have IT problems which are affecting your business and never seem to get fixed?

From flexible pay-as-you-go services to affordable fixed-price contracts, we can provide your IT support.

Doing your own job is hard enough, without having to handle IT support queries from your colleagues or your boss. Why not let Solutios take the pressure off you and your staff with an IT Support Contract? We can be your complete IT help desk or just provide some extra support for your IT manager – our expert team can build a service that suits your exact needs and budget.

All of our customers have access to our 24/7 help desk and through our innovate Remote Support Plus system, we can fix your problems no matter where you are in the world and who’s computer you are using. If you need an engineer on-site at your office, that’s fine, but over 99% of all service calls are resolved remotely within minutes.

Your Solutios IT Support Contract is much more than just IT Support – Think of it as an extension to your business, a pool of technological expertise you can draw knowledge from to help your business succeed. We will inform you of new technologies as and when they arrive and research new ideas on your behalf.

We ensure that the latest security updates, antivirus and firewalls are updated at regular intervals. We do not believe that it’s enough to sit and wait for you to call us when a problem arises. It’s our policy to help you wherever we can in order to prevent unnecessary downtime. Every business is reliant on their IT systems these days and through pro-active maintenance, we strive to provide you with the highest level of reliability and security across all your computers, phones, tablets and servers.

Our IT Support Contract gives you peace of mind knowing that technical help is never far away. We understand the importance of a reliable system and know that downtime costs money. Technology is great when it works – When it doesn’t, we’re here to help!

From pay-as-you-go support to an all-inclusive contract, we can provide a solution which suits you.

Using our online help desk, you can create support requests at any time, day or night. Although our staff only work office hours, often we will fix your problems outside of these times.

Our innovative Remote Support Plus system allows us to remote control, diagnose and resolve 99% of all faults without needing a site visit.

If you need an engineer on-site, that’s not a problem. Our engineers will come in a suit, shirt and tie so they look like a member of your staff, not a hippie.
All of our engineers speak your language and understand your business and its requirements. Some of our customers know us so well, they invite us to their Christmas parties!

Our staff work tirelessly to ensure that your systems are kept up to date with all of the latest updates, to keep your business safe..

Through our innovating Monitoring solutions, we are able to predict faults before they occur and resolve them before you even notice.

You can log on and check the status of your support tickets 24×7, but for extra piece of mind, we can even provide a weekly report detailing all of the tickets that you and your staff have sent in to us and the status of each of them.

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