To celebrate our 10th year of business, we have launched our new website.

Whilst our old site looked nice, it was severely lacking in content and many people would tell us, “we love your website, but what exactly do you do?”. That’s never a good question for a potential (or existing) customer to ask.

With our new website, we hope that this will be much less of an issue. It’s our intention to keep adding new content on a regular basis, as you ask us more questions and as we roll out new services.

A number of our existing customers came to us for a specific project. We are hoping that now the website shows our full portfolio of products and services, these customers may also find additional ones which can benefit their business. Our aim has always to be a one-stop solution for business people, who want to be able to get on with running their business and don’t want to have to get “bogged down” in the drudgery of IT and telecoms.

So finally, thanks for visiting us and if you’ve spotted that something is missing, or you have any suggestions at all, please let us know.




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