Business Mobiles


Feel like you are tied to your office phone? Afraid to walk away in case you miss that important call?

Solutios Mobile allows you to use your mobile phone as a fully integrated Solutios Hosted PBX extension, simply by adding a SIM card to your handset.

You can choose a landline number for your mobile phone, so you can receive calls made to your office phone number on your mobile handset – and it is a proper mobile phone call, no fiddly VoIP is required and it works with any unlocked 3G phone. You don’t need Wifi for it to work either.

By using Solutios Mobile you only need to give customers one number, whether you’re using a desk phone, computer softphone or a mobile phone. You get complete Solutios Hosted PBX functionality and low cost calling across your phone system. You can seamlessly mix and match hardware across your organisation, giving some mobile phones, some fixed telephones and some softphones (or perhaps a combination of all three).

We have worked hard to make sure that Solutios Mobile integrates tightly with the Solutios Hosted PBX platform. You can even see if someone is talking on their mobile phone with Snom busy lamp fields.

Solutios Mobile is an MVNO, using the 3G network provided by Three UK. With approximately 120 new sites coming online every month and a network-sharing programme with T-Mobile allowing for greater coverage, Three have one of the most reliable and rapidly expanding networks available. When using your handset for data, or using a mobile broadband dongle, you will be able to reach speeds of up to 14.4mbps.

With coverage at over 98.5%, this makes it the biggest 3G network in the UK. You can check the coverage in your area for free by texting your postcode to 88588.

Just speak to our friendly staff and they can send out a SIM card the very same day.

Just a standard one month commitment, nothing to sign, no hidden gotchas.

Just put your SIM card in to your phone and make calls as you always have

Our line rental is cheaper than the mobile networks and our call rates are much better than BT’s.

Your phone doesn’t need any special software.
Just one system for your office and mobile.

Your mobile phone can be part of a ring group. Anything you can do with a desk phone, you can do with Solutios Mobile.

Use voice menus to handle calls before they get to your phone.

Whether for compliance e.g. financial industries or for staff training.

Uses Three’s 3G network and not VoIP over your data connection, which means better call quality.

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