Call Forwarding


Need a new telephone number that forwards calls to your mobile, office or home phone? Thinking of starting a new business or opening up in a new location?

Bring your existing BT number or pick a new one from our selection of over 5.1 million UK numbers and have it forwarded to any telephone world-wide, quickly and easily.

Solutios Number Forwarding is perfect for every size of business from home workers and budding entrepreneurs through to large corporations.

How does it work?

1) Bring your existing telephone number to us, or choose a new one from our selection of over 5.1 million UK numbers including freephone 0800.
2) Tell us where you want the number forwarding to, e.g. your mobile, office, home or overseas phone.
3) We set everything up and you pay a competitive monthly charge per number, plus a low per-minute charge for each call that we forward.

Case Studies

A large, well-known UK company was considering opening a nationwide network of new offices, but didn’t want to go to the expense of doing so until they were sure of the best locations. Solutios provided them with local telephone numbers in every UK town and city, which they advertised online, on TV and in the local press. Initially, all calls were handled by their head office and when they had determined where to site their offices, we were able to redirect the calls to these new places with no interruption in service.

A budding entrepreneur wanted to start a new business, but didn’t want to have to give out his home or mobile number to clients, who would all be based in the City of London. Solutios provided a Central London telephone number which he could forward to anywhere he wanted and if he was unable to answer the call, it was automatically converted to text and sent both as an SMS and an email. When his business took off, he opened an office and started using the number with a Solutios Hosted PBX.

When a local flower shop wanted to offer a nationwide freephone 0800 to attract new customers, Solutios were able to set this up the same day, allowing them to meet the deadline for a magazine advertisement.

Moving offices is tough enough, but when BT told a customer that he could not keep his existing number days before he was due to relocate, Solutios quickly stepped in and ported the number to our network and forwarded it to the new location, as well as providing a range of 100 new numbers, so that all of their staff could have direct dial numbers and personal fax numbers. All of this, without their customers ever knowing.

Just tell us the are code you want and we do the rest.

We can normally set up your call forwarding the same day.

If you have an existing number you want to keep, this can be ported to Solutios.

Offer your customers a way to contact you completely free.
Choose your number from any area code in the UK.

Choose 0300, 0500, 0845, 0870 and many other numbers.

While BT can provide call forwarding if you move, they are expensive and inflexible.

Once you have ported your number to Solutios, you are free to move offices anywhere in the world, without BT’s old fashioned rules applying.

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