Get a New Phone Number


Want to get a new telephone number in London, but your office is in Edinburgh?

Solutios can provide you with unlimited numbers from our range of over 5 million UK geographic and non-geographic.

Getting a new phone number from Solutios is simple. With over 5 million numbers to choose from, we believe in choice – lots of choice.

Perhaps you are starting a new company and would like a range of 100 numbers in London? You might want to get a number in a different city to test the water, before you open a physical office there? Maybe you are a national company and want to have a number in every major town and city? If you are a sole-trader, we can supply one number which can be forwarded to your mobile or your home office phone, so that your customers can contact you wherever you go.

Whatever the reason, we can provide you with local 01 and 02 numbers, non-geographic and freephone 0800 numbers quickly and easily. You can even have gold numbers, e.g. 020 7503 3333.

Just speak to our friendly staff and they can help you find the numbers you need.

We can normally set your numbers up the same day.
Whether you are a small or large company, you can now appear to have offices all over the UK.

You can receive calls, SMS and faxes on the same number, making it even easier for your customers to contact you.

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