SIP Trunks


Still paying huge BT telephone bills for your outbound calls and line rental?

Add a Solutios SIP Trunk to your PBX and give it a new lease of life, utilising high-speed broadband to make and receive telephone calls via your Internet connection.

BT have had it far too easy, for far too long. Many companies pay thousands of pounds per month for line rental and call charges, because they don’t know there is an alternative.

Designed to replace legacy ISDN and PSTN services, Solutios SIP Trunks provide you with multiple telephone lines over a single high-speed Internet connection. With major savings on existing line rental charges and outbound calls, you will soon see a marked reduction in your telephone bills.

Whether you are looking for line replacement, additional capacity or a disaster recovery implementation then Solutios SIP Trunks are ideal for you.

The only requirement is that your PBX supports the SIP standard, which most modern systems do, however our team of skilled engineers can help you to determine the best way to implement Solutios SIP Trunks. If your PBX does not support SIP, we can provide an ISDN or PSTN to VoIP gateway instead.

You can move your existing numbers from BT and also select new ones from our 5 million UK numbers including 01 and 02 geographic, non-geographic and 0800 freephone.

Just pick up the phone and dial a number as you always have. Our systems do the clever bit.

We bill you for the calls you make at our highly competitive rates with no minimum commitments
Our call rates are much lower than BT. Ask us for more details.

You might be based in Edinburgh, but want London, Birmingham and Leeds numbers. That’s fine, we can set them up the same day.

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