Want to send faxes from your computer as attachments and also receive faxes via email as PDFs?

Solutios can provide you with electronic fax to email and email to fax for you or your whole company using one of our 5 million UK numbers.

Even in the age of the paperless office, many companies still rely on faxes for their business.

Solutios Fax allows you to send and receive numbers from your email application, whether it be Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mail for Mac or even your iPhone.

Once set up, you simply send an email to faxnumber@fax.solutios.com and our systems do the rest.

Our service will construct a cover page with the subject and body of the email. You can also attach the following types of file, which will be rendered as additional pages:

  • Microsoft® Word (doc)
  • Microsoft® Excel (xls)
  • Adobe® PDF (pdf)
  • TIFF Images including multipage (tiff)
  • JPEG Photos, which will be resized/auto-rotated to fit the page

  • You will be informed by email of the status of the fax transmission, including any retries or errors.

    Just speak to our friendly staff and they can help you find the numbers you need.

    We can normally set your numbers up the same day.

    Just send your fax to faxnumber@fax.solutios.com and let our systems do the rest.

    Our cost per page makes it economical to send one or a hundred pages. Plus you can get rid of that old fax machine in the corner.
    You can attach a Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF or JPEG to your email.

    You don’t need to have a fax machine any more, churning out pages and using toner. Your computer doesn’t need to be turned on to receive faxes even.

    No longer do you have to wait in the office for an important fax. It comes to you and can even be read on your iPhone.

    As the fax comes direct to your email address, there’s no chance that spying eyes could look at it when it arrives on the office fax machine.

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