We were very proud to see one of our clients, Richard Walker, from Stoodley Pike Ltd. ( featured in the Saturday’s Yorkshire Post (

Richard has worked immensely hard over the past few years to build up a business providing bespoke and durable products for the agricultural and domestic markets, ranging from kennels, horse jumps and stables through to log stores, sheds and garages to name just a few. In a nutshell, if you can draw it, Stoodley Pike can build it!

Solutios has worked alongside Richard to provide the infrastructure for his growing business ventures, including services such as:

Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP)
This solution connects both of Stoodley Pike‘s new sites (and more in the future) and lets Richard and his team reap the benefits of an enterprise-grade phone system, but at a much more affordable per-extension price with a low up-front cost. Richard can now see when remote staff are using the phone, for example. By using the Solutios UK-wide VoIP network, Richard was able to keep his telephone number that he has had for many years and is emblazoned on all products that Stoodley Pike creates, when his existing supplier had told him it was not possible, as he was moving to a different area of York.

High-Speed Broadband
Ensures that Richard and his team are always contactable and online.

Hosted Exchange
Richard can now access his emails in the office as well as on the road and at home, so is always contactable. This is increasingly important to an owner-managed business.

Web Hosting
Stoodley Pike’s new website is hosted in our London datacenter on our resilient network, ensuring that the it is always available for both new and existing clients.

In their old office, Richard had a fax machine which received faxes and printed them. If one came in on a Friday evening, nobody would know about it until Monday. Now, Stoodley Pike‘s existing fax number has been ported to our eFax platform, which means that faxes come in as a PDF attachment within seconds.

IT Support
The team at Solutios are just a phone call or email away if Richard or his team have any questions. We can connect to his systems, which we proactively monitor, to provide support and assistance as well as advice on how IT can help as his business grows.

Remote Monitoring and Management
All of Stoodley Pike’s systems are monitored 24x7x365 by our state-of-the-art platform, ensuring that we know about any issues before they become problems. Should a virus be detected, our operations team are notified within seconds, allowing us to connect remotely to remove the offending file.

We look forward to working alongside Richard (pictured below) and Stoodley Pike for many years to come as they grow to become a household name.



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