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Looking for a company who “owns” their network, rather than a glorified reseller?

Solutios network is located within Telehouse, widely regarded as one of the most secure locations in the UK.

Our network was designed for high-performance, low-latency and most of all reliability. Carrying millions of telephone calls and emails over our infrastructure each day, we cannot afford to take any chances. All of our Cisco equipment has the highest level of support available, which guarantees that if required, an engineer will arrive on-site within 4 hours, day or night, to replace failed hardware.

Having great hardware support is great, but we understand that 4 hours of downtime would be completely unacceptable to our customer. For this reason, every single piece of equipment in our network is duplicated. If one of our routers were to fail, all traffic would automatically transfer over to the spare one, with no loss of service for our customers. The same would happen if we lost a firewall, intrusion detection system, switch or any other piece of network kit. You wouldn’t even hear a blip on your telephone call.

We have a UK network operations centre (NOC) which is manned 24x7x365 by our network engineers, who monitor the performance of our whole network. If they detect any issues, they are able to perform remote maintenance or if required, get an engineer from Telehouse to go to our racks, to swap a cable for example. Should the problem be more severe, our NOC can despatch one of our own engineers to Telehouse very quickly.

So as to avoid power issues, we have dual feeds from two different uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to each of our racks. Each of the UPS systems are fed by separate generators. Telehouse has automatic fire suppression systems using argonite gas and modern air conditioning systems to ensure that the environment is maintained at a set temperature and humidity level.

Solutios is a RIPE LIR which means that we have our own allocation of IP addresses which we can sub-allocate to our customers, quickly and easily. Many ISPs don’t have this luxury and have, or are close to running out of IPv4 addresses. We have plenty of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, so our customers don’t have to worry about us running out.

Our core network runs BGP, which allows us to advertise our IP addresses to the internet. For techies, our autonomous system number is AS39674. We have multiple transit providers for the UK and worldwide, which means that if there are any issues, we can route around the problem as we aren’t reliant on any one supplier. This is very important when you run a VoIP network, as congestion in one provider’s network can cause real problems for voice quality. Whenever we take a connection from a transit provider, we always insist on having connections to two different routers in their racks, over separate cables. In addition to this, we always run spare cables, just in case.

In addition to transit providers, we also privately peer with a number of other ISPs and telephony providers in the UK. This ensures that any traffic destined for one of these companies goes direct and does not have to pass through the internet, which is faster and more secure.

Many companies are concerned about what would happen if there was ever a problem in Central London. For this reason, we have secondary sites which we can use in the event of such a disaster, to ensure that we can continue to provide service to our customers.

If you have any questions about our network, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

We only use Cisco equipment for our routers, switches and firewalls as we think they are the best. All equipment has Cisco support contracts with 4 hour replacement.

By using the N+1 principle, if any of our core network was to fail, our network can self-heal within milliseconds without any interruption in service to you or your customers.

Our racks are fed from two different UPS which are in turn fed from two different generators, in case the national grid fails.
Our UK-based team monitor our systems day and night, so if there are problems we can resolve them fast.

Using BGP, we can route around any issues in the UK or further afield.

As a RIPE Local Internet Registrar (LIR) we can provide you with as many IPv6 or IPv4 addresses as you need, quickly and efficiently. We can even help with the paperwork.

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