Do you need to host your own server hardware within our UK datacentres with high-speed internet connectivity?
We provide air-conditioning, physical security, dual power feeds and remote hands as standard with all of our colocation solutions.

Perhaps you have specialist hardware such as a Google Mini search appliance, high-performance web or database server or even your own carrier-grade telephony switch? If so, then why not host this with us in our London datacentre? We can provide you with space from 1U through to a full rack. Your equipment will be monitored by the same engineers who manage our own network kit, ensuring that it’s available 24×7.

Should you need a server rebooting or a hard disk swapping, our intelligent remote hands can do this quickly and professionally, day or night. We have dual feeds from two different uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to each of our racks. Each of the UPS systems are fed by separate generators. We don’t like to take any chances. All datacentres have automatic fire suppression systems using argonite gas and modern air conditioning systems to ensure that the environment is maintained at a set temperature and humidity level.

Our network was designed for high-performance, low-latency and most of all reliability. We carry millions of telephone calls over our infrastructure each day, so cannot afford to take any chances. As a colocation customer, you will benefit from our investment and technical excellence.

We only use Cisco equipment for our routers, switches and firewalls as we think they are the best. All equipment has Cisco support contracts with 4 hour replacement.

By using the N+1 principle, if any of our core network was to fail, our network can self-heal within milliseconds without any interruption in service to you or your customers.

All of our racks have APC power distribution units. We supply logins so you can remotely power your kit on and off through a web interface.
Rather than relying on Windows or Linux firewalls, we can provide a fully managed firewall solution to ensure that your servers are secure. 

Whether you need a Central London location or a disaster recovery site outside the M25, we can provide a solution with automatic failover if required.

As a RIPE Local Internet Registrar (LIR) we can provide you with as many IPv6 or IPv4 addresses as you need, quickly and efficiently. We can even help with the paperwork.

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