Domain Names (DNS)


Confused by your .com? Setting up a domain name can be very complex, but without one, you’re not “on” the internet.

Let Solutios manage the registration, hosting and renewal of your domain names. No technical knowledge required – we promise.

Many people install powerful servers, resilient ADSL lines, uninterruptible power supplies and generators, but forget that unless your domain names are renewed and hosted by a reputable company with fast DNS servers, your website could appear slow to customers and emails could be lost – forever!

Solutios Managed DNS service provides everything a business needs, from helping you to select a domain name, through to registering it, hosting it and most importantly, renewing it for you. Many large companies have “forgotten” to renew their domain names including Microsoft and Hotmail! Perhaps they should have been using Solutios Managed DNS?

For DNS to function correctly, a company must have multiple servers. We do, but many don’t. Ours are located on a number of continents around the world, so even if there was a problem with the internet in the UK, your domain name would still remain active and you would not disappear.

Google has recently started ranking web sites based upon how quickly they can be accessed! This is one very compelling reason to use Solutios Managed DNS as well as Solutios Web Hosting.

You don’t need to learn the difference between a CNAME and an A record, or worry about your MX, that’s our job.

Your websites will load faster, emails will be delivered quicker and you will appear high on Google!

With Solutios Managed DNS servers in many datacentres around the world, local internet issue cannot affect your domain name.

We don’t think it’s fair to penalise you if your domain name is popular, so we don’t charge a premium based on how many DNS lookups are performed.
Suddenly think of a domain name you would like? Contact us and we can register it for you immediately.

No forms to fill in. Just confirm that you want your domain name renewing and we will do the rest.

As your business grows, you can concentrate on the important things and not worry about your domain name. You’ve got enough to do already haven’t you?

Solutios is a member of Nominet, the organisation which manages all .uk domain names, so we can register them for you more quickly and easily.

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