If you have a website, server or ADSL line, it’s imperative that they’re working 24×7. If there’s a problem, you need to know and it needs to be fixed

Using the latest in monitoring technologies, our systems can detect everything from slow emails to faulty hardware and even a hot server room.

All business rely on IT and as such, down time due to hardware or software failure can be expensive and frustrating. By drawing together the best monitoring systems available, we have built a very powerful “brain” which can take in and process key information from all of your hardware and software, allowing us to predict failures before they happen.

Whether you just have a single website and want to make sure that it’s not too slow and that nobody has hacked in and changed your files, or you have a network with multiple servers, ADSL lines and network switches, we can provide a monitoring solution which will work for you.

Using our intelligent decision making logic, our systems can automatically take action if they detect an issue, or they can alert our team of 24×7 engineers or yourself by email or SMS.

If we don’t have a system for monitoring your particular application or hardware, we will write one for free!

By monitoring various parameters, our systems can detect a hard disk failure before it even happens, giving you precious time to have it replaced.

Our distributed monitoring network can pinpoint speed issues. Hacking attempts, server crashes and database errors can all be monitored every 6 seconds, with automatic actions being taken if required.

By sending test emails from your server around the Internet and back every 5 minutes and timing how long they take to be delivered, we can ensure that you and your clients and suppliers will always receive important messages quickly.
By checking the temperature of your servers, we can ensure that they work optimally with no failures caused by overheating

As well as checking your line is working, we also make sure that it’s connecting at the right speed and that information is flowing quickly. If we see usage suddenly rocket, we can check in case you have a virus or are being attacked.

By checking how much free space your servers have, we can ensure that you don’t suddenly run out, as this can cause servers to crash quite spectacularly.

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