Hosted PBX


A powerful and highly advanced hosted telephony solution, designed for the needs of small to medium UK businesses.

Utilise high speed broadband to make and receive telephone calls via your Internet connection.

Solutios Hosted PBX is an office telephone system hosted entirely by Solutios in our UK datacentres, which allows businesses of any size to enjoy the features and benefits of an advanced communications system, but without the hardware and maintenance costs.

It will enable you to unify your organisation into one enterprise, bringing together users located across multiple offices and homeworkers. Whether they are based in the UK or elsewhere in the world, Solutios Hosted PBX will consolidate your business communications under a single high performance telephony platform.

Packed with features and major cost saving benefits, our business telephone solution provides you with the features superior to conventional phone management platforms. Whether you want to move your existing numbers from BT or require a new one from our 5.1 million UK numbers, we can get you set up quickly and with minimum hassle.

Just pick up the phone and dial a number. You don’t need to be computer literate.

We bill you for the number extensions you have each month.

Our call rates are much lower than BT. Ask us for more details.

You might be based in Edinburgh, but want London, Birmingham and Leeds numbers. That’s fine, we can set them up the same day.

Your voicemail can be emailed as an MP3, or converted to to text and sent as an SMS if you prefer.

Whatever the British winter (or summer) brings, your staff can carry on answering calls as we can even route them to mobiles.

If your office has to be evacuated or disaster strikes, we can help you get your staff working at another location with loan phones.

Your staff can work from home, but make and receive calls using your office phone system.

From a single user to 1,000 extensions.
Automatically handle incoming calls based on the number called and then distribute them accordingly, as well as providing periodic announcements, which tell the caller their current position in relation to other callers.

Interactive Voice Response, a virtual receptionist to help your calls be answered as effectively as possible. Callers will be able to select from the menu the department they require.

Have conference calls with your staff and even invite customers to dial in, with security controlled by a PIN that you set.

Allows you to monitor calls in real time, and is useful as a training tool.

All calls can be recorded for compliance e.g. financial industries.

Assign a number of extensions into a group. Any calls placed to that group will ring all of those extensions, e.g. door entry phones.

Route incoming calls based on the time of day and the callers number, so your important clients can always get through to you.

Your phone systems is mirrored in real time across two servers, so if there was ever a problem, it would automatically move with no dropped calls.

Click to dial from Outlook and pop up the callers name before you answer.

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