Move Your Phone Number to Solutios


Want to move your telephone number away from BT or another telephone company?

Once you have migrated it to Solutios, you can use it for telephone calls, fax and SMS

The Solutios Number Porting service, enables any business that is considering moving to a more flexible, cost saving and advanced telephony solution such as provided by Solutios, to keep their existing numbers. This removes any hassle that would be involved in introducing entirely new numbers for your business.

If you are moving offices, BT will normally only allow you to take your number if you are on the same telephone exchange. Once you have moved your number to Solutios, you can be sure that you will never lose your telephone number as we can direct it anywhere in the world for you.

Porting your numbers to Solutios couldn’t be easier, you just need to provide us with the information that we request and then we manage the whole porting process for you. We will keep you informed of the progress at all time and will then organise a convenient day with you for the port to take place.

We can port the following: –

  • BT geographic and 08 non-geographic numbers
  • Virgin Media (Telewest / NTL) geographic numbers
  • Cable & Wireless/THUS geographic numbers
  • Other VoIP Providers

  • Once you have ported your numbers to Solutios, you can save on line rental, calls and gain a host of new features for FREE!

    There’s one form to fill in and we do the rest for you.

    We can normally port your number in to our network within two weeks.
    Our number rental and is much lower than BT’s.

    Once you have ported your number to Solutios, you are free to move offices anywhere in the world, without BT’s old fashioned rules applying.

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